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We are a collection of body and mind therapists keen to support the holistic health and wellbeing of our clients.

Located in Mansfield Victoria, our service includes Psychology, Relationships Counselling, Massage, Naturopathy and Clinical Nutrition support.

Our shared goal is to help you find strength, nourishment, connection and ease - we simply want you to thrive!

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Couples often come for relationship counselling feeling emotionally disconnected from their partners.  Their relationships can be characterised by ambivalence, a lack of trust, loss of emotional or physical intimacy and, on occasion, high levels of conflict and stress.  Some couples report a gradual drifting apart while others can pinpoint an event that has damaged the relationship and is in need of repair.  Whatever the nature of your challenge, seeking the guidance of a qualified professional to help you make sense of it can be transformative.  Fiona Dundas offers a safe and confidential space to support you to identify and understand what is not working and why, which in turn assists you to establish new ways of being together with increased trust, intimacy and connection, deepening your emotional bond.
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Erin is a firm believer that self-care and relaxation should be part of our regular schedule.  She has a background in nursing and she has always been passionate about caring for people. After completing her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and undertaking specialised training in pregnancy massage, Erin has created a space for women to come and prioritise themselves, take a breath from the hustle and bustle of life, and walk away from her treatment feeling fantastic and de-stressed after a relaxing and therapeutic massage.  Whether you're a Mansfield local or visiting Mt Buller and surrounds, contact her to book in for a relaxing and therapeutic massage today – you won’t be sorry.
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Carrun Squires is a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist. Carrun has been working in various Melbourne clinics and within Mansfield for over ten years, and she has also taught at the leading Naturopathic Colleges in Melbourne.  Naturopathy is a holistic natural medicine, that views wellbeing as arising from a complex interplay of nutritional, lifestyle, psychological, behavioural and environmental factors.  With her considerable expertise, her commitment to evidence-based practise and her wide-ranging experience, Carrun is well placed to assist you on your journey towards health and wellbeing.
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